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10 Places in Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan Indonesia Compulsory Visited

Pulau Kembang

What do you think of when you hear the word Banjarmasin? If the answer is floating market, then you are not wrong. During this Banjarmasin known for its traditional market which is above the water. Naturally, the city has the nickname 'City of a Thousand Rivers' is indeed traversed by many rivers and streams such as Barito River and River Martapura. This makes the river as one of the most important parts for the life of the Banjarmasin.
Do Banjarmasin just about the river and the market flotation? Of course not. The town has many interesting sights to visit. Here it is a summary of 10 attractions in New York City can you see before a visit to the capital of South Kalimantan province:

1. Floating Market

Pasar Terapung Banjarmasin

Not complete it if discussing Banjarmasin without floating market. This market has become a hallmark of the city of Banjarmasin. The floating market is the process of buying and selling is done on a boat that floats. Currently, the floating market has become one of the tourist attractions in London are most visited by tourists.

One of the popular floating market is that there is at the mouth of the Barito River, precisely in the Village North Kuin, Banjarmasin. This market is estimated to have existed since 400 years ago. Goods sold ranging from the crop, food to clothing. To be able to watch the activity in this market, you have to come in the morning because this market only last from 05:00 until 07:00.

In the past, what happens here is barter or exchange goods without using money. Although now it is using money as a means of exchange, but there are some who still do barter goods. What is interesting in this floating market is the presence of the stick with the tip of the wire to take the items purchased because of the difficulty juxtapose boat ride.

2. Park River siring Martapura

Taman Siring Sungai Martapura

One more tourist attractions in New York City who rely on the river is siring Martapura River Park is located on Jalan Sudirman and Jalan Kapten Tendean. The park is located on the banks of the River Martapura and visited during the afternoon. From here, you can see the activity typical Banjarmasin boats or boats on the river.

Please take a fishing pole and satisfy your fishing hobby at this tourist spot. If you want to enjoy the scenery around the river course, you can sit on a bench that has been provided while enjoying culinary stalls that lined the park.

On Sunday, Park River Martapura siring more crowded with the community of young people who practice the skateboard and BMX. Not infrequently, this place is also used as a location by their race.

3. Park Mascot

Taman Maskot

As the name implies, these attractions featuring two mascots Banjarmasin city is bekantan and musk tree. At the entrance, you are greeted an adult human-sized statue of the proboscis monkey. Not far behind, there is a statue of musk trees with monkeys swinging.

To the right of the entrance, there is a house plant that contains a lot of cactus, aloe vera and several other plants in pots. For facilities, Mascot Park has been equipped with a parking area, mosque, toilets, park benches, food stalls and children's playground.

These attractions are in the center of the city of Banjarmasin, precisely at Jalan H. Djok Mentaya.

4. Museum Wasaka

Museum Wasaka

Wasaka museum stands Waja Until Kaputing which is the motto of the struggle of the people of South Kalimantan. Historical sights are located at Jalan H. Andir, Kampung Ulu Recalls, North Banjarmasin. The architecture is traditional house Banjarmasin shaped stage with a high roof.

In it, there are various collections of photos, typewriter, struggles uniforms and weapons used against invaders such as daggers and firearms owned by the Dutch looted. In addition, there is an old bicycle that was used to deliver mail in sembunti-hidden.

What is interesting is the text of the proclamation made on 17 May 1949. The contents of the text is different from the text of the proclamation of many known people of Indonesia over the years. This is because according to Linggajati, Borneo is not included in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Nevertheless, the people of Kalimantan is still struggling to become part of the Homeland and successfully declared its independence four years after the Bung Karno read the text of the proclamation.

Wasaka museum is open every day except Mondays and national holidays, from 08:30 until 12:30. You are not charged to enter here.

5. Flower Island

Pulau Kembang

Flower Island is an island in the middle of the Barito River. This tourist spot is a habitat of monkeys and several types of birds. According to residents, in this island there is a big monkey is the monkey king. While on the island, be careful with your luggage. The monkeys are often curious and wanted to see what you are carrying. Should bring snacks or fruit to distract them from your bag.

Interestingly, on this island there is a temple and altar with statues of the monkey-shaped white or Hanoman. This altar, by the Chinese people, used to put offerings at certain moments.

This tourist spot is about 1.5 km from the city center of Banjarmasin. To be able to see the activities of these monkeys up close, you have to pay a 5,000 Rupiah for domestic tourists and 25,000 rupiah for foreign tourists.

6. Sultan Mosque Suriansyah

Masjid Sultan Suriansyah

This mosque is also called the Mosque KUIN because of its location in the Village of North Kuin. Built between the years 1526 - 1550, this mosque become the oldest mosque d Banjarmasin.

As with other typical building Banjarmasin, Masjid Sultan Suriansyah shaped house on stilts with a carving typical South Kalimantan and roofs. Some parts of the mosque looks similar to the Great Mosque of Demak, especially on the roof terraces and a conical upward. This is possible because the relationship between both the empire in the ancient times.

The unique of this mosque is the mihrab, or a prayer imam have their own separate roof of the roof of the main building.

7. Masjid Sabilal Muhtadin

Masjid Sabilal Muhtadin

Muhtadin Sabilal mosque called the largest mosque in London. Mosque with five towers is able to accommodate up to 15,000 worshipers.

Its name is derived from the name of the book written by Sheikh Muhammad Al Banjary Arsyad which is a great scholar in South Kalimantan. The mosque, which was built in 1981 has become one of the religious tourist spot visited by many tourists both from within and from outside the city.

Muhtadin Sabilal mosque is in the west bank of the Martapura, precisely in the Village Antasan Besar, Central Banjarmasin.

8. Diamond Market Martapura

Pasar Intan Martapura

The diamond market is in Jalan Ahmad Yani, Martapura, or about 45 km from the city center of Banjarmasin. This market is becoming a proper tour for fans of gemstones. Martapura known as the city with the largest gemstone mining in Indonesia. Gemstones here are of good quality.

In this market, there are about 87 stores gemstone. In addition to buy it in the form of rocks, you can also purchase a gemstone that has been processed into various forms such as necklaces, bracelets, rings and brooches. visitors to this market not only domestic tourists, many tourists from Malaysia, Brunei and Singapore who come here.

9. River Edge Culinary Center Martapura

Pusat Kuliner Tepian Sungai Martapura

If you want to enjoy a unique culinary Banjarmasin in one place, you can come to the center which is located in culinary Banjarmasin Post Road that connects between road Sudirman and road Hasanuddin.

The path along 300 meters, there are about 52 stalls selling a variety of foods typical culinary Banjarmasin like laksa, yellow rice, soto Banjar and lupis. In addition, there is the national dish of fried rice as well as other areas such as culinary cuisine of Padang and Palembang.

10. village Sasirangan

Kampung Sasirangan

If there Batik Cirebon Trusmi as a center of souvenirs, here is no such thing Village Sasirangan. Here, you can find batik sasirangan which is typical batik Banjarmasin. The shopping attractions in Next Jalan Masjid, Village Melayu.

In addition to buying, you can also see here the manufacturing process. Sasirangan batik is characterized by bright colors. You can buy is still shaped fabric or finished as garments, scarves, bed linen and tablecloths. There are also a variety of accessories made from batik fabrics ranging from handbags, purses until handkerchief.

That's 10 existing tourist attractions diIndonesia banjarmasin precisely in South Kalimantan.