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5 beautiful beaches on the island of Ambon

5 beautiful beaches on the island of Ambon

    Ambon beautiful beaches unquestioned. every inch is the beach, every tone that sounds is the swish of the waves, every wind that blows is exposure to sea water. There are at least 5 beautiful beaches in Ambon.
No wonder all these natural blessings contained in many local songs nuanced beach. For example, one which is quite famous "Butterflies Along The Beach" with rows of poetry: Today day fishing. Catching fish in the estuary. Day day foraging, foraging selling voice.

1. Beach Natsepa

Almost every tourists, both foreign and domestic tourists, who come to visit Ambon Natsepa Beach. The beach is fairly quiet because unobstructed bay. Many people who visit this beach to spend their time swimming or just playing around on the beach.
Natsepa beach is quite extensive. When it is receding, expanding its shores. Under conditions of low tide, visitors play football, play sand, and so on. The seaside is also quite thick because a lot of trees.
Many trees around the beach made beach was overgrown. The visitors can take shelter on the sidelines playing on the beach. Green leaves of these trees also create a more beautiful scenery. It was due to a combination of green, white, and blue to match.
While sitting on the beach, do not miss to enjoy the famous Natsepa salad. The beach area is indeed a lot of sellers salad. Fresh fruits such as mango, guava, and pineapple mixed with brown sugar and nuts make the audience hooked. This salad is eaten with fruit skewers as an awl.
Maluku people living in Ambon and Maluku who migrate to the outside will not forget the salad Natsepa. Every Turkish Natsepa never miss culinary eat this one.

2. Liang Beach

Want to see the beach with gradations of white, light green and dark blue with dazzling white sand? Please visit Liang Beach. The longest white sand beach in Indonesia is located not far from the beach Natsepa.
The beach is located in the village of Liang Liang, District Salahutu, about 35 km from the city of Ambon. To go to this tourist destination, visitors can use the Trans-Amboina bus routes Hunimuasengan. Latency of about 30 minutes.
Liang Beach there is a bridge that juts into the sea. This place is commonly used as a spot to take the picture. Liang is still relatively virgin beaches because there are many people who visit there.

3. Beach Namalatu

Other beautiful beaches on the island of Ambon is Namalatu Beach. Some trees jutting toward the coast, giving the impression of a pretty unique for immortalized in camera shots.
It is not an area of Liang beach, but the beach is no less captivating. Instead of white sand, beach Namalatu it full of broken rocks that are very small and clean white.
Shades of sea water is unique, from the transparent white, light green, to blue. Waves on the beach is somewhat more friendly than Liang Beach. In the wave season, you still might play the water and swam off fatigue.
A few meters from the coast, the ruins of the building looks a bit protruding from the surface of the water. This is a habitat for various fish.

4. Relax Beach

Beach this one not far Namalatu Beach. Although the adjacent, this beach has different characteristics. Besides not having fragments of rock at the base of the beach, Beach Leisure tend to be more gentle. So, if you are less adept at swimming, will feel more comfortable to swim here.
For lovers of diving, relax beach has diving operators who are ready to serve you. With records, you should reserve a few days before arrival.
As in most dive sites in Ambon, guide divers are not ready at all times. Several diving spots that offer pretty good and easily accessible from the beach. Time is only a few minutes by motor boat.

5. Gate City

Beach resort located in the Village Latuhalat is famous because there are eroded cliffs waves for years, causing the cliff cavities and forming the hallway. Uniquely, when we cast our gaze through the cracks holes in the rock, will be directly confronted the famous stretch of the Banda Sea.
The beach is called the City Gate because on the beach there are rocks as high as almost 20 meters with a hole right in the middle. It resembles the open door.
Uniqueness is what makes people named Door Ambon City. These cliffs seemed to be the gateway to the city of Ambon. A visit to the beach is not complete without immortalize your photo posing with the background of the reef. Sea water tends to be low and do not choppy allow taking shots many times.
This rock can be enjoyed not only from the bottom. You can also go up to the top. Footpath with several dozen stairs will take you to watch this coast from a different perspective.
When out of the city of Ambon, needed 45 minutes to 60 minutes to arrive at the City Gate. Enough to pay Rp 5,000 and money entering the parking, the beach is ready to be enjoyed.

5 beautiful beaches that are located in Ambon, Indonesia.